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Sunday, November 27, 2016

The "Why" is Really Fairly Obvious

The writer of this piece is wondering why Americans are closing their eyes to Russian interference in the presidential election.

The reason, or at least part of the reason, is clear to me: The Right hates the Clintons, especially Hillary Clinton, with a hatred that is so visceral that they'd rather turn over the government to a Putin-puppet and burn it to the ground than see Hillary elected. In short, they hate Hillary far more than they love the country. In that, the only historic American that they resemble is Benedict Arnold.

As for the Democrats, most of them are stuck in some time-warp from the 1950s. They still believe that the other side is acting out of a reasonable ideology and is open to persuasion and working together for the good of the land. Which is complete and utter horseshit. The Right has been playing scorched-earth warfare for two decades, at least, and the Democrats act as though they're in a mixture of a college debate club and a high tea.

So yes, we let the Russians cook the election. The media is too craven to cover it and the ones that aren't have the attention span of gnats. The Fourth Estate failed in their duty-- rather than pull the lid off Russian interference, they got twisted around what The Donald's latest Twitter outrage happened to be.

Now, of course, there is fuck-all that can be done about it.


Stewart Dean said...

I dunno who first said it, but the succinct version of this is:
"Democrats bring books to a knife fight"

bearsense said...

No Quarter !!! Stay Angry !!
Turn your back whenever he appears ........ including the "crowning."
Above all, do not be" Nice."

Nangleator said...

One possible silver lining: The intelligence agencies get obliterated, and replaced with sycophants and yes-men. If ever a sane government takes hold here again, they'll need to start from scratch anyway.

Joe said...

We should keep clear the distinction between Russian interference in the campaign (proven) and interference in the election (not proven to my knowledge).

B said...

And you claim that we hate hillary more than we love our country?

You folks who elected Barry "Fundamentally CHange The United States"?

He fucked this country badly.

Pot and kettle and all that.

Double standard much?

And I am stil waiting for PROOF that the allegations are more than just hot air.

dinthebeast said...

"He fucked this country badly." You seriously believe the country was better at the end of 2008 than it is right now?

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

I will never get the upset. We have been trying to influence elections for over 100 years. We even tried to influence the last election in Russia and everyone thought that was great. Now, they do it to us and everyone on the left is upset? Why the double standard.