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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Is Trump Hiring "Helicopter" Harold?

Former Democratic Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. is emerging as a possible contender for transportation secretary, or another Cabinet post, in Donald Trump’s budding administration.
Harold Ford, in case you've forgotten, is a political whore who moved from Tennessee to New York City after being curb-stomped by Bob Corker in the `06 Senate race.

Once Helicopter Harold got to New York, he flip-flopped on damn near every position that he ever held. He was about as ethically-challenged as his soon-to-be boss, "forgetting" to file all sorts of financial disclosure and conflict-of-interest forms when he was in Congress. After he moved to NY, he got into being a bankster. He dreamed of running again, but he gave it up in `10 when he realized that he'd be crushed as easily as a rotten melon.

The only reason for Trump to hire Helicopter Harold would be because Joe Lieberman is otherwise engaged.

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