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Monday, November 14, 2016

And Now It's Springtime for Breitbart

Stephen Bannon, "Chief Strategist" in the upcoming Administration.

I need hardly rehash Bannon's racism and antisemitism here. You can read all about it elsewhere. But he's who Trump chose to dance with.

And, as to those who have said that "Trump has only been racist for the last year", that's downright laughable. His racism goes back decades. Again, you can read all about it elsewhere.

I got shit to get to this morning.

Oh, one last note: I wonder how many of the people who have been decrying the anti-Trump protests have forgotten that they were darkly hinting at riots and revolution if Trump lost. One of those being His Orangeness, Hisself.


Anonymous said...

You know, I was thinking yesterday about how if Trump lost it would prove the election was "rigged" and his followers had a promised remedy that involved revolution and weapons. I guess that was different and o.k.


CenterPuke88 said...

Meh, Bannon in a position that is that high profile...what could go wrong? The real question is will anybody care about the next offensive statement he makes, or will it once again be successfully spun as a hostile media attack?

BadTux said...

Yeah, Trump got banged several times by HUD for refusing to rent to black people. That was 40 years ago, not last year.

BTW, I hate that term "alt-right" for Bannon and his ilk. We already have a perfectly good term for them. We ought to use it. That term, given their racism and anti-semitism, is obvious: they are neo-Nazis.

- Badtux the Correct Terms Penguin

dinthebeast said...

Bad Tux: I liked Colbert's description of alt-right: Think about what's right, then think of the alternative to that.

-Doug in Oakland