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Friday, November 25, 2016

Don't Use This Photo of Trump, He Hates It.

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Trump bitched to NBC News that they were using unflattering photos of him.

Maybe they used this one:

Calling Trump "thin-skinned" would seem to be a gross understatement, akin to calling Hurricane Katrina "a bad storm". He seems to crave flattery and adulation, as exemplified in his early remarks about Putin, when he said that he wasn't going to criticise anyone who said nice things about him (Trump).

One thing about George W. Bush, as much as people made fun of him with his vague resemblance to primates, I don't recall anyone ever relaying that Dubya, AKA Chimpy, was offended by it enough to rail about it in public. He was a somewhat-seasoned politician who knew that distain and mockery was part of the job.

When Trump's criticized, it seems to drive him slightly batty. His staff is going to have a hell of a job to keep him insulated from that, sort of like palace courtiers in the Middle Ages. And since the GOP has established a precedent for heckling at the State of the Union speech, this could be fun in a trainwreck sense of the word.

Imagine the billboards that could go up when Trump goes places. He might want to nuke American cities.

And will Trump go with whomsoever flatters him the most, regardless of the merits of an issue?

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jbrock said...

Wow. Unless my eyeballs are more warped than I thouhgt, he actually looks a little like Pepe the Frog in that second one.