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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Braking Brexit?

Parliament must vote on whether the UK can start the process of leaving the EU, the High Court has ruled.

This means the government cannot trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty - beginning formal discussions with the EU - on their own.

Theresa May says the referendum - and existing ministerial powers - mean MPs do not need to vote, but campaigners called this unconstitutional.

The government is appealing, with a further hearing expected next month.
The ruling ratifies the view of those who were saying that the Brexit referendum was advisory only. What the court is telling the MPs to "do yer bloody jobs." The conventional view was that the politicians thought Brexit was folly. The interesting question is whether or not Parliament will have the spine to do anything.

I'll bet "no".


3383 said...

The referendum will be advisory only if the gov't wants to take it that way, and binding if they want to leave and blame the populace for the following shitstorm.

Anonymous said...

England's best alliances are with the Germans and the Scandanavian's. They fund the EU. Let them make the rules and give everyone the choice to opt in.

Anonymous said...

So according to the high court, the will of the people expressed in a referendum or plebiscite can be over-ridden by the elected representatives of those same voters. I'd love to read the logic behind that.


3383 said...

8:42 Anon: France does make serious money, also. Schneider Electric (based in France) is in a race with Siemens to buy up as many related smaller companies as possible.