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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Armed Robbers

That is pretty much what the DEA is: A pack of armed robbers.

And yes, that goes for local cops, as well.


w3ski said...

I was a part of Humboldt County culture in the late 70's when property seizure began. It was standard procedure that you loose anything of value at a bust, even if there were no charges later. Firearms of course but generators, camp gear, water tanks, personal stuff, anything up to and then even your home too. The first land seizure was from a guy that had his wife commit suicide on his property and the resulting investigation and 'find' of his farm led to a plea deal to forfeit his land and not be charged.
It has become a business of it's own and many cops have become rich off of the spoils.
A fact of life now.

dinthebeast said...

w3ski: My mother was a legal secretary for, among others, Jim McKittrick, the attorney who represented Lloyd Clifton, the fed who shot Dirk Dickenson in the back and killed him in one of the early Huey Helicopter raids the BNDD and Humboldt County Sheriff's Office performed in the hills of southern Humboldt. The BNDD manual at the time stated that agents were not to fire at fleeing suspects and not at all unless their lives were in danger, and Dickenson was shot in the back as he fled toward the woods from the plainclothes not identified as officers men with guns who had landed on his property in a Huey and kicked his door down. McKittrick's explanation of the shooting was that it was a warning shot fired over his head right as he crested a small rise that put him in line of the shot. It worked, apparently, as Clifton was cleared of wrongdoing on appeal.
They claimed to be looking for a "million dollar meth lab" that a Sheriff's deputy said he saw from the air, and was so proud of himself that he had the local paper send a reporter to cover the bust.
Not all of the seizures are above board, either. I knew a guy who had his crop, which was drying in a bedroom in McKinleyville and amounted to twenty pounds or so, taken from him in a raid, and he was charged with possession of marijuana, less than one ounce. He was glad to escape the more serious charge, but really pissed when his own pot started showing up on the local market.

-Doug in Oakland