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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Might Want to Reconsider Buying an Icon Airplane

In order to buy one of their airplanes, you have to sign a contract where you pretty much have to promise not to sue them, let them train you (at your expense), do a whole bunch of other shit and, when you sell the airplane, you give Icon a right of first refusal and if you sell it to another person, you pay Icon either $2,000 to assign the sales contract to the new buyer, or pay them $5,000 if the new buyer says "fuck you, I'm not signing shit."

It would seem that nobody with a barely competent lawyer would buy one.

But if you're stupid enough to sign a 41-page contract for a quarter-million-plus dollar airplane without having a lawyer look it over, then you're pretty much going to get the rogering that you have coming to you.


Deadstick said...


Eck! said...

The 2000 hour 10 year airframe overhaul is insane.
Even most engines are that long the airframe for typical
birds are considered getting old at maybe 10,000 hours
and 70 years.



CenterPuke88 said...

Useful load makes this thing a joke.

Aaron said...

That plane does seem directed to wealthy hipsters with more money than brains, based on their advertisements to date. The execrable contract is just more icing on the cake.

Deadstick said...

Color me cynical, but this is an upstart company I never heard of before...I could see major GA companies subsidizing this out of petty cash, to test the water without getting dirty.