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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Laugh About It, Shout About It, When You Get to Choose

Any way you look at it, you lose.
I think we got the two candidates we are going to see in November on Tuesday night. You don't vote for president with the candidates you want. You vote for president with the candidates you have.
I talked to a fairly hard-core conservative the other day who pretty much wished that President Obama could have a third term instead of either a President Trump or a President Hillary Clinton. That speaks volumes.

Look, Clinton has laid the groundwork for this for a long time. She began measuring the drapes for her general election run years ago. The one or two Democrats who might have been able to derail her never even tried. But her fragility as a candidate was laid bare by Bernie Sanders, who gave her a hard run and did it on a comparative shoestring. A stronger Democrat might have beaten her.

But on the GOP side: Jesus! They were given a gift, the single-most hated Democrat in the last quarter-century running as their opponent and what did they do? They came down to choosing between the two clowns who have even more negatives than Hillary and they're going with the one who is the most hated candidate since Hoover in `32, a man whose mentor at PR was Roy Cohn, a self-hating gay man who was probably the single most evil fucker in this country for decades.[1]

I've said it before: There are about 140 million people who are constitutionally qualified to be the president and it comes down to these two chuckleheads.
Because "Bailey's on your cereal" is amateur.

I don't know if my liver will stand it until 1/20/2021. Or 2025.
[1] If there was anyone else in the country back then who had a faster slide into Hell than Cohen, other than maybe John Wayne Gacy, that worthy's name escapes me.


Snowdog said...

As Gozer the Gozarian said, "Choose the form of the Destructor!" In that case, I choose Mr Stay Puft.

Borepatch said...

I'm backing the Cthulhu 2016 campaign. I'm sick of voting for the lesser evil. Go Big or go Home.

Nangleator said...

The election happens anyway, even if you take your toys and go home to sulk. Voting for a candidate is nice, but sometimes you have to vote against a candidate.

Staying home is also participation in the election. In this case, it's in the service of evil.

Dan said...

Anyone who would prefer Obama over Trump is NOT a 'conservative'.

Paul Wartenberg said...

I know I'm nit-picking, but it's speeled Cohn. I think if you throw the 'e' into it you change Cohn's tribal affiliation about ten different ways.