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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Glassless Gunning

After reading a blurb in a post by Massad Ayoob about the possibility of having to shoot in self-defense without glasses, I gave that a try at the range last night.

When I'm given an eye exam and they tell me to "take off your glasses and read the top line", I tell them "I can see that there's a chart." I'm likely somewhere around 20/400 without my specs.

So I ran a silhouette target out five yards and banged away with three cylinders-full from a K-22, no corrective lenses, just generic eyepro only. There wasn't too much point at trying to use the sights, so I just sort of directed the gun at the target and banged away about as fast as I could. The shots landed within the eight-ring in a grouping that one might call "minute of lunch plate".

Probably good enough for what I'd need.


Dark Avenger said...

“That is right.” The placid voice once more resumed its sway. “Why cannot things be agreeable? I hate to have to shout, but you seem far from grasping the situation yet. Remember that I do not take the slightest risk. Also please remember, Mr Montmorency, that the action even of a hair-trigger automatic scrapes slightly as it comes up. I remind you of that for your own good, because if you are so ill-advised as to think of trying to pot me in the dark, that noise gives me a fifth of a second start of you. Do you by any chance know Zinghi’s in Mercer Street?”

“The shooting gallery?” asked Mr Montmorency a little sulkily.

“The same. If you happen to come through this alive and are interested you might ask Zinghi to show you a target of mine that he keeps. Seven shots at twenty yards, the target indicated by four watches, none of them so loud as the one you are wearing. He keeps it as a curiosity.”

"The Game Played in the Dark"


Will said...

What may help is to practice using the outline of the upper part of the gun. Do a bit of dry practice in different light situations, and watch the outline/shape change as you move the muzzle around. One can get very consistent when you combine this with proprioception. Combining this later with actual target practice to develop the connection of where you need to align the shape with the target should pay dividends.

It's the differing location of a light source, and/or light levels that need to be worked with to get comfortable with this type of aiming.

30+ years ago, I worked with a guy whose vision was something like 20/600(?), who was pilot rated in quite a range of aircraft. His father was an Air Force pilot, but he couldn't qualify for vision reasons. IIRC, he was working on a rating for twin-engine business jets, when I last worked there. I was told he soloed his father's P-51 at 16. We went to the Reno races one year. The plane was there, but his father was involved in investigating an AF plane crash that occurred a few days prior, and never made it. We ended up using his father's rented hotel suite for the week. I think it was a razorback Mustang.