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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Gimmie Two Grants and Five Tubmans

As BadTux pointed out, Jackson was put on the $20 by the Republicans as a way to piss off Democrats. So this change is just fair play.

And this design would be fucking pisser:

It'd piss off the Right, which is seething over the idea of a non-white woman on the the one bill that the ATMs all spit out. It'd piss off Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the hoplophobic Left. It'd piss off most of the Euros, too. Pierce Morgan and the rest of those snobs would be muttering into their tea.

It would be genius.


3383 said...

Why would it annoy Europeans?

I do like the "Come with me if you want to live" vibe.

I still think she is a heroic figure who should have a destroyer named after her. I'm conservative enough to want my money to remain static and unchanged.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

"It'd piss off the Right, which is seething over the idea of a non-white woman on the one bill that the ATMs all spit out."

Yeah, I haven't met any of those Right people. One good ol boy I know was a bit cheesed but only because he is a big Jackson fan. Not against Tubman, but pro-Jackson. He from that area in the Carolinas. All the other conservatives I know were pleased with the idea of a switch to Tubman.

Now, if they had nixed Hamilton, I'd be displease. But again, not because of Harriet Tubman, because I'm a fan of Hamilton. Thank goodness for that Broadway show.

dinthebeast said...

Jackson was dead set against the idea of paper money, so maybe he wouldn't mind being taken off. But they're not taking him off, they're just moving him to the back. Which is maybe semi-symbolic?

-Doug in Oakland

wolfbitch said...

Those who haven't heard much negative comment from the extreme Right should head on over to Breitbart.com--and I'm NOT recommending it, unless you like to see Ignorance Rampant with a side of Racism Gules.