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Thursday, April 21, 2016

How About This Radical Idea, WaPo: Shoot the Fucker!

The Washington Post's graphic on how to handle an active shooter situation your building.

Nowhere in the WaPo's world can it be contemplated that a reasonable response might be to try to shoot the fucker.


Deadstick said...

I love the last one: Bring a baseball bat to a gun fight.

3383 said...

Keep a pair of comfortable shoes with you. Huh.

BadTux said...

Probably because it's never happened. Someone who's not a cop or ex-cop shooting an active shooter, I mean. Even in places where there's lots of people carrying. I seem to recall that in the Giffords shooting there was at least four people within a hundred yards who had a concealed piece, and none of them got to take a shot because there was too many people around and shooting would have just raised the body count, instead it took unarmed people to wrestle the dude down and disarm him.

Given that, I think I'll rely on wearing a comfy pair of sneakers and going the opposite direction rapidly -- statistically speaking, the only proven way to raise your chance of staying alive in an active shooter situation. I mean, sure, I could look out the door tomorrow and see unicorns pooping rainbows in the sky above. But I ain't gonna rely on it.

Ruth said...

Variations on this are becoming the standard company advice to employees, which is a heck of alot better than the previous "don't antagonize, give them what they want" advice.