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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dog is My Co-Pilot

They taught three dogs to fly a Cessna:

I can hear flight instructors now: "Wassamatta wit you, kid, they teach dogs to fly this airplane!"

Or maybe not. I gather that instructors are far less acerbic these days.


Deadstick said...

Next goal: The Republican nomination.

DTWND said...

Great story. Not sure about the experiment. It is difficult to see if the instructor is aiding the turn with rudder input. I could not see if there was any on the brief shots from behind the aircraft.
On the steeper banked turns, some nose up trim would have to be applied, otherwise an overbanking tendency would likely occur.
But a feel good story none the less.


LRod said...

They're planning on eventually reducing flight deck crew to one human and one dog. The human is to monitor the systems and answer the radio, and the dog is to keep the human from touching the controls.

ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired

samuel glover said...

Yokes and rudder pedals are pretty lousy ergonomics for a dog. They need to put together a control interface for snouts and tails.

Ole Phat Stu CFII said...

And now, for his last trick, a Lomcevak ;-)

Anonymous said...

Flying is all very well., but how will ATC respond to "woof woof, woof?"

(translation "how do i land this thing ?")