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Friday, April 22, 2016

I Gave the Waitress a Tubman and Told Her to "Keep the Change".

The very best thing about the change from Jackson to Tubman on the $20 has been observing the butthurt of the conservatives.

It's almost as though the President is taking pleasure at finding new ways to poke at the sensitivities of the Right.

Anyway, when somebody says "that's political correctness", I hear it as "I don't have a good argument, so I'll just sling some mud about."


doubledee said...

Not a problem for me, remove an early founder of the Democrat party and replace with a Republican.

Deadstick said...

The best part: Jackson doesn't go away. He goes to the back of the bus^H^H^Hbill.

Murphy's Law said...

I do see it as man-child Barry taking another swipe at the half of the country that has never supported him. Not a Trump fan here, but if he promises to reverse this and leave our money alone, I may vote for him just to spank Barry back and stick it to the lefties. Obama and the left just keep doing what Trump himself could never do: get me to vote for him.

CenterPuke88 said...

"man-child" = "boy" (in a good 'ol Southern drawl)
"half of the county" = "that 'boy' only got 5 million more votes and 2 more states than we did"
"Not a Trump fan here" = "Really, I have a black friend..."
"get me to vote" = "I'm gonna yell and pout about this for another 4 years"

Just using my handy, dandy Republican to American dictionary.

dinthebeast said...

Political correctness is just a bullshit label made up by assholes who are bothered by the concept of manners. Manners are not optional fripperies about salad forks, they are a tool to be employed in keeping the homicide rate down as the population density goes up.

-Doug in Oakland

w3ski said...

Well said Mr Dinthebeast. As far as I see, "Political Correctness" is just another term for manners and courtesy. That being something our Country and Government seem to sorely lack in this age.
Now we even have a group of well publicised people that are against being of good manners?
I am sorry for them but I was taught my manners early on and still find those without manners to be crude.
What made being civil a bad thing?

BadTux said...

Harriet Tubman was a bad-ass, she ran her Underground Railroad missions armed with a pistol and a sword. I'd love to see her on the front of the bill waving that pistol around. You'd see some tighty whitey undies go brown real quick ;).