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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Have It Your Way, Plate Glass Edition

A prank caller tricked workers at a Minnesota Burger King into smashing the windows of the restaurant to keep it from exploding, police said Saturday, mirroring similar deceptions at Burger Kings and other fast-food restaurants in other states in recent months.

Police said employees at the restaurant in the Minneapolis suburb of Coon Rapids got the call Friday night from someone claiming to be with the fire department. The caller said the restaurant could explode, so they needed to relieve the pressure. The manager and other employees believed the caller and smashed all the windows on the ground floor.
I guess nobody realized that the gas supplied to the users has an odorant added at the pumping station.

They'll catch the perp, because whoever did it will find it irresistible to brag about the prank on social media.


Expatriate Owl said...

And there likely will be an electronic trail on the telephone lines. If the Police really want to catch the perp, they certainly will be able to. The question is, will they even WANT to? I can easily see a police detective taking the attitude that the Burger King people deserve what their stupidity has brought upon them.

Deadstick said...

Relieving the pressure? Dang, Darwin fails again...

Anonymous said...

Was that by any chance on April 1st?

At MacDonalds the problem is not pressure but suction, because....

hans said...

the person that pulled this off has a bright future in sales