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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Range Report: Nazi Euro-Pellet Launcher

I bought a box of Aguila 71-gr FMJs and put some through the Sauer 38H at 21 feet, all fired offhand:

The sights, frankly, suck. There is the merest hint of a rear notch and the front post is more like a sliver. On an indoor range and with my aging eyeballs, I had to really take my time to line up each shot. The gun wasn't designed for target use.[1]

There were a couple of failures to feed with magazine #2.[2] Magazine #1 functioned without a hiccup. Recoil was surprisingly snappy.

I don't see myself shooting it very much. But if I do, I'll get new grips, as the Bakelite original ones are reputed to be delicate.
[1] The police-issue guns, like this one, functioned mainly as badges of authority and for carrying out the occasional summary execution.
[2] Yes, besides being serial-numbered to the gun, the magazines are, themselves, numbered.

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