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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Where There is Evil Political Fuckery Going on About Raping the Environment.....

.... you're almost sure to find the fingerprints of the Koch Brothers.
Billionaire businessmen Charles and David Koch are channeling money into an Arizona-based organization that’s fighting a plan that would include a permanent ban on uranium mining around the Grand Canyon.

A proposal to declare the area around the Grand Canyon a national monument – Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument – calls for protecting 1.7m acres of land from uranium mining. A number of environmental groups and native tribes as well as the vast majority of Arizonans support the plan.

Still, a handful of Arizona Republicans and a major not-for-profit group are trying to block it. Much of the group’s efforts apparently are being funded by the Koch brothers, according to Greg Zimmerman of the Center for Western Priorities.
The Koch Brothers are against preserving anything for posterity, because posterity isn't putting any money in their pockets.

Basically, those two evil trolls hate government, unless the government is killing those people (or giving money to corporations). If the government announced that they had developed a cure for heart disease, the Koch Brothers would be screaming blue bloody murder about all of those unemployed cardiologists.

1 comment:

Marc said...

Senators Grumpy and Fake will never get my vote, but I'm one of the little people. This is just one more area where they don't support the interests of the state or voters, but themselves (plus their sugar daddies). Money is speech, and they only listen to those who 'speak' loudly into their campaign chests.