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Monday, May 1, 2017

Freedom-Hating Snowflake Donnie Wants to Change the First Amendment

Let's be clear on this: Trump thinks that "being unfair to me" means "writing pieces that are not flattering me." So Donald the Special Snowflake wants to revise the Constitution because he can't handle people saying mean things about him.

My response:

Dear Mr. President:

Grow up and suck it up. Bad press is a fact of life for presidents. And, for the sake of argument, what would happen to your favorite news channel if you got your way? What would happen to Steve Bannon's baby, Breitbart? What would happen to your favorit eInternet broadcaster, Alex Jones, if they were not free to sling mud that had no foundation in fact?

Hell, what would have happened to you with the Birther Conspiracy? You would have been sued into bankruptcy, to the point that you would have been lucky if "The Trump Estate" was a rusting out mobile home in the northern tier of New York State. You are proviing to be the stereotypical asshole with a glass jaw..

If you can't stand the heat that comes with being a politician on the national stage, then follow the advice of Harry Truman and get the hell out of the kitchen.

Feel free to copy and/or plagiarize any and all parts of this post.


Thomas Ten Bears said...

Outlaw Religion? Got my vote.

Keaaukane said...

When religion is outlawed, only outlaws will have religion!

I dunno, doesn't seem to work as well as the original.

dinthebeast said...

How about an amendment to get rid of "Citizens United" instead? Except that'll never happen under Trump because the movie the case got its name from was anti-Hillary propaganda. And by the way, would his proposed amendment affect said movie? Never gonna find out, because if he can't pass his own agenda through a Republican controlled congress, the chance of him getting a constitutional amendment done seen really slim.

-Doug in Oakland

montag said...

Thanks for the OK to use it. I sent it on to The Tangerine Shitgibbon by White House e-mail with an additional request that he appoint my Rep Chris Collins to something so we can replace him with someone who is not useless.

Should I expect the FBI, The SS or ICE Thugs to break down my door?

D. said...

Thanks! I will!

P.S. HIs crowd is making the Harding Administration look like choirboys, and they haven't even stolen anything. Yet.

Cameron said...

Let's take a look at T-rump's twitter account. Oh, it's crap pile of lies, slander, libel, and generally defamatory finger wagging, spit splattering, vulgar comments. Lock him up I say, esp if he laughs at anything serious.