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Friday, May 19, 2017


President* Trump is canceling a planned speech at an ancient mountain fortress in Israel, according to a new report.

Trump will no longer visit Masada on Monday after authorities told him that he could not land his helicopter there, Newsweek reported, citing Israel’s Channel 2.
I guess taking a cable car to the ruins of the fortress would be too much for him. Or maybe his aides, suspecting that Trump would toss a hissy fit, didn't even ask him.

If there is such a thing as a secularly sacred site, Masada is one. But given Trump's aggressive ignorance of American history, it's likely that he knows very little about the history of Masada.

When some Trump staffer brought up the subject of visiting Masada, it's probably a safe bet that he thought that he was going to be speaking at a Japanese car factory.


deadstick said...

It just could be he's an acrophobe. That usually doesn't clash with riding in aircraft, but it does with cable cars.

Thomas Ten Bears said...

Could be, though even a P model 61 is a ... flying boxcar (more accurately boat but), and he hasn't seemed to display that discomfort with MC1. I haven't had enough interest to pay attention to his personal helo, is it a Bell 444?

Be interesting to see how he handles a Llama, or a Bell 47.

And how does that fit with big buildings? Ah'm a country boy, honestly do not know.

CenterPuke88 said...

Donnie would be in either an SH-3 (the big boys you always see on the White House Lawn) or a VH-60N (uprated VIP version off a Black Hawk). Donnie's private ride is a S-76, For all practical purposes, the VH-60 and he S-76 are equivalent, but Donnie's probably missing his gold inlayed crests.

As for Donnie's ignorance, maybe Masada sounded like an attractive lady at first, but when he found out it was ruins (like the Trump Taj Mahal), he decided to skip out. That, or the idea of suicide to forstall defeat hit too close to home these days.

Stewart Dean said...

"But given Trump's aggressive ignorance of American history, it's likely that he knows very little about the history of Masada. "
That's been addressed by a reader of Charlie Pierce:
"So he cancelled the whole appearance at Masada? And I was so looking forward to President Trump's warm reminiscences about the time Peter O'Toole and David Warner visited there on behalf of the Roman Empire – wonderful people, the Romans."