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Monday, May 22, 2017

Shorter Flynn: "I Did Nuttin Wrong, See!"

President* Donald Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn won't provide records to the Senate intelligence committee and will invoke his Fifth Amendment rights in response to a subpoena from the committee, according to a source close to Flynn.
Yep, the guy that Trump insists is as pure as the driven snow.

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Stewart Dean said...

Gee, when I wuz a kid, it was mobsters and CP members "taking the Fifth". Now it's the fine, upstanding folk of the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower, the principled backbone of this country's business interests. The principles and patriotism of pond scum or maybe whale shit.
A) Don't these people have any appreciation for how this looks?
B) Doesn't the party base have any revulsion for the swamp the party's "somehow" ended up in. Aren't they beginning to want to take a shower when someone asks their party, and they reply Republican. Like waking up after a bender to find you've married a harridan with a most ugly family....

OTOH, you still meet Germans who think they are "super" people with the answers even if they shy away from the master race tag. Ditto with Southerners (or Northerners) and race.

But why oh why would anyone want to embrace the downward path. It's like shooting up Fentanyl.