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Friday, March 31, 2017

A Little Late for That; Spicer the Liar Ed.

Former President Obama's communications director is advising White House press secretary Sean Spicer to be careful with his reputation.

Asked to give advice to her fellow flack, Jen Psaki told the DC/BS podcast that Spicer must "remember that your credibility is more important than the length of time you stay in a job."

"He has to be conscious and cognizant every single day when he goes to that podium about the fact that he's not an old guy and he's going to have a long career after this potentially," she said.
That sage piece of advice is about 70 days too late.

But it's not all Spicer's fault. His boss reportedly tells Spicer what to say, watches Spicer's press briefings and if Spicer doesn't say what Dolt-45 wants, then Spicer gets to do a rug dance. There was no clearer example of this than on January 21st, when Spicer reamed out the press for reporting the truth about the size of the crowd at Trump's inauguration. Spicer has gamely repeated all of Trump's lies.

Spicer is on track to be the best-known liar and spinner in the West Wing since Ron Ziegler. Neither one of them isn't exactly Jerry terHorst when it comes to integrity.

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pharris said...

Hell, neither of them are Baron Munchausen when it comes to integrity.