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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Not Sure How That's Gonna Work, Donnie

White House chief of staff Reince Priebus is making clear that President* Donald Trump will be seeking support from moderate Democrats for upcoming legislative battles.
Why would Democrats work with Президент* Трамп on anything?

First: Trump's cabinet and executive orders reflect far-right priorities. He's not going to repudiate them.

Second: What does Trump bring to the table for Democrats to want to work with him? Trump's polling numbers are at historic lows for a sitting president this early into his term. He'd have to pretty much throw away almost all of his agenda. And even if he were to cobble together a coalition of Democrats and moderate Republicans, the batshit-wing of the GOP controls enough of the House that it'd get nowhere.

Third: Let's not forget that the Trump campaign is being investigated by the FBI for what boils down to treason. It's recently come out that Trump's former NSA chief was entertaining winking at committing kidnapping on American soil to please a foreign power (and one of his clients). Sooner or later, the classic question of "what did Trump know and when did he know it" will be asked. For all of the Right's poo-pooing of this stuff, remember, we're not talking about illegal campaign activities or lying about getting a blowjob: We're talking about colluding with a hostile foreign power to win an election, or, in another word: Treason.

Why on earth would any sane politician want to get close to somebody who has that stench[1] on him?
{1}Trump perfume: A top note of political amateurism, a middle note of unpopularity and a base note of treason.


Stewart Dean said...

Q: "Why on earth would any sane politician want to get close to somebody who has that stench on him?"
A: Because you're Republican, at the right hand of God and Can Do No Wrong (as opposed to Dems and gummint, which can do no right). During the Bush years, my car was plastered with bumper stickers of my own creation. My wife's suggestion was, "It's not Criminal, It's Republican". Update: "It's not Treason, It's Republican"
Instructions on making your own:

Alas, things change so fast in this target rich environment that what you really need as a mini Jumbotron mounted to your bumper for daily updates...

D. said...

(I took Russian years ago, so I can read that bit of Cyrillic, but unfortunately my brain insists on interpreting Трамп as "tramp." Russian does not seem to have a vowel corresponding with "uh.")

B said...

Again (and I'd really like to know) what did the "Russians" do that changed the election?

CenterPuke88 said...

Funny, B., isn't it that I answer your question and you ask it again. Meanwhile, you have still failed to answer several questions.

B said...

So all you got is innuendo, CP?

I still haven't seen anything about HOW the "Russians" supposedly "Influenced" the elections.

I mean, any more than they did during the Vietnam war when they helped the Democrat anti-war boys and girls get elected by buying journalists.....

CenterPuke88 said...

B., I listed my answers, with data from the NSA and FBI. If that's innuendo to you, then I believe you are willfully ignoring facts. You still haven't answered my questions either.

dinthebeast said...

Russia doesn't seem to be as uncertain about what they did as you, B:


-Doug in Oakland

B said...

CP: what you posted did not detail anything that was illegal, nor immoral, nor did it really specify how that influenced the election.

On would ask if you had read it before postin, as it wasn't terribly informative.

CenterPuke88 said...

That's your opinion, fine...care to answer my questions yet?