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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Shorter GOP: "Treason is OK If You're a Republican."

It is hard for me to imagine that the Republicans would be so accommodating to a Democrat's campaign, much less the Democrat himself (or herself) if there was even a tenth of the number of allegations of collusion with Russia.
Let’s indulge in the simplest exercise in political integrity. If the roles were reversed, what would you argue? If Adam Schiff was the chairman, Hillary Clinton was president, and Schiff was secretly meeting at the White House for solo briefings then presenting that same “evidence” to the press as if he’d discovered it, you’d want him to step down. And you’d be right.

The truth of the matter is that Nunes is no more interested in investigating the matter than Trump is. Nunes is a tool and a fool. He's covering up. He's an accessory. And, if any of this is eventually proven, Nunes should be charged as an accessory after the fact to treason. We don't hang traitors anymore. Which is a shame, because if anyone is worthy of doing the Tyburn Jig, it's Devin Nunes.


montag said...

By the time everything is sorted, we may have to hang them given the lack of officially approved execution drugs.

Marc said...

They get to dance with the ones who brought them to the party.

Stewart Dean said...

+1 for Marc. You've got Molly Ivins laughing her ass off up pass the Pearly Gates

Nangleator said...

No president could face justice for any crime, treason included, given the ideologically-chosen VPs.

They CAN pardon treason, I assume...

dinthebeast said...

Now they say the guy Nunes got his intel from was a Flynn hire that McMaster wanted to get rid of, but was overruled by Trump. Tight ship they're running up in there.

-Doug in Oakland