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Friday, March 31, 2017

Trump's Ignorance is Astonishing

No, I'm not writing about the fact that he only recently seemed to discover that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.[1]

I'm writing about this:
Former national security adviser Michael Flynn, reportedly seeking immunity in exchange for his testimony regarding allegations of ties between the Russian government and President* Donald Trump’s campaign, should do exactly that, the president wrote on Twitter Friday morning, to protect himself from a “witch hunt” being carried out by Democrats and the media.
Apparently, Trump doesn't realize that a grant of immunity means nothing to opposing politicians and the press.

I am sure that everyone who regularly reads this blog doesn't need to be told that a grant of immunity is not a magical shield that prevents anybody from talking or writing about the person to whom immunity was granted. A grant of Federal immunity only stops the Department of Justice from bringing charges. And, as everyone other than Donnie knows, the DoJ is a department in the Executive Branch. As we all know, (except Dolt-45), the DoJ works for the president. So if Deadbeaticus wants to order that Flynn not be prosecuted, he likely won't be.
[1] Trump translation: When Cheetolini says "most people don't know that", what he really means is "I didn't know that."


deadstick said...

Is it still a witch hunt if it finds an actual witch?

bearsense said...

Can't Flynn be recalled and tried under the UCMJ ?? Don't know who the convening authority would be, but would love to see this guy stripped of all pay and allowances, reduced in grade to E-1 and jailed.