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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

Taiwan's "Goshawk":

Basically, the Taiwanese built them for sort of the same reason that the SAAF built the Cheeta: Nobody'd sell them what they wanted.


Old NFO said...

THey are some 'odd' little jets. And no legs without the drop tanks!

BadTux said...

NFO, these were designed for point defense and for blowing up Chinese landing craft coming to invade Taiwan, not for long range attack purposes. They were never intended to operate beyond Taiwanese indigenous waters.

The hilarious thing is that after Taiwan went through all the time, trouble, and expense of designing their own fighter because nobody would sell them one for fear of pissing off the Chinese, the US and France decided to sell F-16's and Mirages to Taiwan after all, which cut the program short after less than half the planned number of fighters had been built. The Goshawks are now being used as trainers, though they still have all their war-fighting gear and can be used as fighters in case of an actual invasion.

CenterPuke88 said...

Actually, the addition of three conformal fuel tanks has significantly increased their combat radius, plus the doubling of their BVR missiles from two to four is a notable improvement. Not bad for self designed with General Dynamics/Lockheed's design help.

BadTux said...

Interesting that this fighter looks an awful lot like a development of the F-5 -- same size, same basic layout, etc -- but Northrop had nothing to do with it.