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-- Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, 2/25/20

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Friday, March 10, 2017

And the Grift Goes On......

Billionaire and presidential friend Carl Icahn threw the ethanol industry into turmoil last week when he tried to broker changes to a federal biofuel program that would benefit his oil refinery business.

But he also potentially exposed himself to conflict-of-interest laws by appearing to act as a de facto federal employee, several government ethics experts told POLITICO.
This keeps up, the BOP is going to have to build a new FCI to hold former Trumpers. But, given the Trumpers' love of the private sector, maybe they can housed in some low-rent private lockup.


B said...

To be fair, there has been many pushes to get rid of the ethanol mandate.

But it is political pork to farmers.

(and really doesn't in any way help the environment, BTW). I'd love to see it go away. Waste of energy and tax money.

But I DO agree with you about the conflict of interest.

w3ski said...

Rule, By the Rich, and for the Rich. Kleptocracy if I got that right?
What a sad end for a once Free nation. Not like the rich didn't have all the power before, but now they don't even feel the need to hide it.
The Racists too, that have come out from under their rocks to freely spew their hate.
What has our Country done to itself?
The fall of the Cheetolini cannot come soon enough