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Friday, March 24, 2017

The Answer is "No...

... and fuck you for asking."

Here is what I don't understand: The FBI is investigating Trump's campaign for colluding with Russia to swing the election. Trump's former campaign manager lobbied for Russia and was paid millions by the Russian government for doing so. The first guy he installed as his National Security Adviser took money from Russia and failed to register as a foreign agent. Trump's people watered down the pro-Ukranian plank of the GOP platform in `16.

An example of the last point: Go back a couple of years and you'll find no shortage of Republicans who were lambasting the Obama Administration for not sending weapons (aka "lethal aid"). but since Trump took control of the GOP, there has been word bupkis about any of that.

More and more keeps coming out about ties between Trump's people, if not Trump himself, and Russia.

And yet, Republicans are doubling down on their embrace of Trump.

Let's be really clear on this: We're not talking about financial improprieties or sexual randiness or use of a private email server or taking illegal campaign contributions or covering up illegal campaign activities (the latter is why Nixon resigned).

What we are talking about, now, is treason.

Republicans were so, so outraged at Hillary Clinton for having a private email server and were screaming to the heavens about the FBI investigating her for that, but they are closing their eyes to the FBI's investigation of Trump and his campaign for colluding with a hostile foreign power.

If this plays out as I believe it will, the Vichy Republicans (or Quisling Republicans) may find themselves having to to explain why they were so eager to embrace an Administration that was influenced by Russia and sought to put their thumb on the scales for Russia.

Because there are a lot of people out there who will do their damnedest to make sure that this isn't forgotten.

Including Yours Truly.


B said...

I think most of us are waiting for proof.

So far, nothing. Lots of innuendo. Lots. But nothing besides innuendo.

If you can provide PROOF, then I will join you camp.

We pretty much knew Hillary had done things. But until there was proof, I didn't condemn her. (not that I was surprised, mind you)

But until there is some proof, not just a whispering campaign that has resulted in some half assed investigation I can't condemn him, for the same reasons that I couldn't condemn Hillary.

Innocent until proven guilty. So far all I see is a bunch of innuendo with no basis or foundation.

Answer a question: What (and how) did the "Russians" do to change the election outcome?
So far, no one has stated that.

CenterPuke88 said...

Really, the following are facts:

Hackers for the FSB broke into systems of both Republican and Democrat groups. Emails and related materials, specifically picked to be "juicy" and/or manipulated, are released...from the Democrat groups only.

Fake news stories, click bait, attacking Hillary Clinton are endemic from Eastern Europe.

FSB and related hackers probed and broke into elections databases in multiple states.

The Trump Organization and a Russian bank had a direct, private communications set-up that was killed when detected, and then reestablished when they felt the heat was off. The bank in question has direct ties to Putin.

Trump "self-financed" his campaign, and the Trump Organization received funds in excess of $100 million from Russian "businessmen", "investing" in Trump real estate in the run up to the election.

You see, a series of facts like that is why the FBI is investigating this shit. Don't let those facts bother you, though. Just as all the other previous requests for statistics, data or such of you have remained unresponded to.

w3ski said...

The facts are appearing like flies on my windshield in summer. What I see is no one is putting those facts in line and publishing them.
Until we have a full and impartial investigation we will never know all the facts.
As a 'once' nation of laws it is imperative that we have a complete investigation at this point, unfortunately our Justice Dept seems to be part of the problem.
There are too many instances of collusion now to just deny them anymore. It is time to investigate this fully.
If Cheetolini is innocent then let us see, but the many questions must be answered now. To not answer these kind of questions is criminal in itself

dinthebeast said...

The only real question is the extent of the collusion. It is possible that, as Malcolm Nance said last summer, Trump was (is) an unwitting asset of the Russians, but there is not any question as to whether he and his campaign benefited from Russian espionage. So now it's a game of "find the connection" to see whether or not he must face legal consequences. The utter outrageousness of a US president being assisted in his election by Russian spying and propaganda seems entirely lost on those who feel they benefited from it, but it sure as hell isn't lost on me.
And by the way, the Russians don't seem to labor under such uncertainties:


-Doug in Oakland

B said...

I'm still waiting for Hillary to be indicted. She has come closer to Treason....and for that we do have proof.

THose calssified documents were read by the Russian nearly immediately after she mailed 'em. And we all know that. But she isn't yet indicted...why?

At the least it is mishandling of Classified Documents. Which gets one a minimum of 10 years (and it can be for EACH instance).

If there is PROOF, I'd like to see Trump fry. But so far there isn't anything but innuendo. And, oddly, there has been enough investigation time that I would ahve expected SOMETHING by now.

Methinks this is just a whispering campaign by sore losers trying to delegitimize him.

CenterPuke88 said...

Amusing B., because your facts are slipping. A number of those "classified" emails were retroactively classified, therefore not applicable. A total of 8 email chains had a "Top Secret" item so,ewhere within them, but it has never been addressed where or from who. The situation is similar with "Secret" materials...and in both cases, some of the material was again retroactively reclassified.

Also, since Secretary Clinton left her private phone OUTSIDE the classified area of the State Department, the emails she was sending from it would NOT be involved in this matter. So Hillary had a private server, like Bush Part Deux, and some materials were possible on the server that should not have been. But the FBI actually found no evidence that the Russians ever accessed the private server, or the emails...whoops.

As for the silence in the Donnie investigation, don't take that as no evidence. The FBI runs everything down and then starts pressuring people to talk, from the bottom up. The lack of evidence leaked should be scarier since they are still digging, not comforting.

BTW, from earlier post responses, where are those sources and the statistics?