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Monday, March 27, 2017

Golf is OK for Republicans

Today, Donald Trump went golfing for the 12th time in the nine weeks he has been president. That’s not really a big deal, of course. Presidents can golf! Considering that he is now golfing more than any of his predecessors did and routinely lambasted Barack Obama for golfing, though, he’s getting a lot of heat for the hypocrisy.

Spicer the Liar on presidential golf:

Dolt-45 on presidential golf:

Trump's people said that he was "having meetings". Golf cleats for meetings?

Meanwhile, at least one conservative pundit is saying that his side should apologize to President Obama.

1 comment:

Paul Wartenberg said...

yo, Terrorists. You want trump to notice you?

Unleash gophers on every golf course between Portland Maine through San Diego CA. And back again.

Take away his goddamn weekend trips. THAT will piss trump off.