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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nunes Keeps Digging the Hole Deeper

The Chairman of the House committee, Devin the Weasel Nunes, investigating Trump's ties to Russia keeps digging his personal ethics hole deeper. Essentially, Sally Yates, who was fired by Trump, said she'd testify. So Nunes canceled the hearing.

Nunes has zero intent of getting to the bottom of this. All he wants to do is cover up for his boss, The Donald.


Paul W said...

Nunes' actions should be viewed as obstruction. intentional and willful attempt to shut down a legitimate investigation. every person from his district needs to call their local office and visit in person and POLITELY tell this fool to resign.

w3ski said...

Wiser people than I have said "we need an impartial hearing and investigation" and yet our administration allows guys like "Nunes" to continue pontificating?
I understand government is slow but why are we paying this idiot to investigate when he needs to be investigated himself? This is way too much circus for the charges that are involved.
Ultimately here, there is evidence of Treason, are we so jaded that we cannot actually investigate this charge against Republicans, and only Democratas?
Time for a serious investigation and prove or disprove Treason once and for all.
I am so tired of "he said, she said" rumors that are never investigated but only debated.
Time for some serious investigation I think