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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What Football Fans Should Have Learned By Now

It's this: Fuck the NFL.

If the owner of your local team wants to move it, there is fuck-all that your city can do about it. They might offer to build a new stadium, complete with fountains flowing single-malt scotch, and it will make not a whit of difference.

If your local team's owner says he wants to move, then keep your dignity and self respect: Tell him to not let the screen door hit him in the ass. Let some other city be stupid enough to cough up several hundred million to build said asswipe a new stadium.

For if your city can cobble together that kind of scratch, spend it on something that will really benefit the city: New schools, repairing infrastructure, that sort of civic improvements that will help your residents.

Fuck the NFL.


Deadstick said...

Wouldn't want to deny people the sacraments...

Old NFO said...

Yep, it's ALL about money, NOT fan loyalty...

samuel glover said...

You can extend that sentiment to every big-money sports league or event -- baseball, the Olympics, the World Cup, all of it. Cities always get burned when they grovel for these frolics.

Mike R said...

Yes the taxpayers always end up holding the debt, this perfect combination of capitalism. Private profit, socialize the debt. Prediction the cities will never learn.

Old 1811 said...

I read that the new Minnesota Vikings stadium cost more than the recent mission to Pluto. And coincidentally, Pluto has just as many Super Bowl trophies as Minnesota does.

w3ski said...

Yea my local Big city Sacramento wants a new stadium too.
I mean WTF they don't have a TEAM for a stadium.
Bridges failing, roads pockmarked, water mains failing, Homeless people camped out at city hall begging for an answer to their plight, but 'hot damn' we got to build that stadium.

3383 said...

Oakland/ Alameda County are still on the hook for the Coliseum upgrades that brought the Raiders back from La La Land the first time. The misbegotten PSL's were supposed to pay for that, but guess how that worked out!

Tod Germanica said...

As w3ski noted, Sacramento can't help the homeless but elected Mayor Kevin Johnson, child molester, to keep the NBA Kings in town by giving them a new stadium. The Kings are embarrassingly bad, near a record for never making the playoffs. Glad I live in Placer County.