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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ramping Up the Oregon Asshole Magnet

Members of self-styled militia groups met on Friday with armed protesters occupying a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, pledging support for their cause, if not their methods, and offering to act as a peace-keeping force in the week-long standoff over land rights.
How did that ceasing the monitoring of domestic extremist groups work out for everyone?

During the Bundy Nevada standoff, those clowns were pointing guns at cops. And not a one was ever charged with anything that I know of. So now they seem to feel pretty much bulletproof.


Jerry Critter said...

If they were black, they would be dead by now! Can someone say "White Privilege?"

Snowdog said...

Well one of their head honchos is a Marine, I mean a maroon...or maybe just a loon.


Jerry Critter said...

I think he's just your run of the mill Dumb Shit.

Gerald Parks said...

White privilege ....these criminal ARMED thug white Christian domestic terrorist aren't dead or dying yet????


Mike R said...

Not closing with and arresting whoever surrendered and neutralizing anyone who didn't is a great idea, if there was a guarantee they would be arrested and charged later. Unfortunately the after math of the Bundy debacle leaves a rather nagging concern this cast of assholes will just walk away and move to the next target. Notice as time wears on more and more assholes show up. This includes even elected representatives, imo nothing good can come from letting this group of deluded and dangerous people continue without repercussions.

B said...

At the Bundy Ranch, the BLM paid mercentaries pointed guns at citizens....

Luckily, neither side was stupid, or there'd have been a LOT of people dead on both sides. Lots of citizens and all of the BLM operators.

Sorry, this time you are comparing apples to bricks here.