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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Adventure Tourism for Imbeciles

A China-based travel agency said Saturday an American university student recently detained by North Korea is being held over an unspecified incident at his hotel before he was scheduled to board a flight for Beijing.
By now, it should be clear to even the most casual observer that those who go on tours to North Korea are running a risk of being arrested for whatever reason strikes the fancy of the North Koreans. It's about as safe as going hiking in grizzly bear country. or climbing into the crater of a smouldering volcano.

Which is why this should be the official U.S. government policy with regard to those who travel to the Hermit Kingdom:


Old NFO said...

Paying for his stupidity now... sigh

CenterPuke88 said...

Can we send the Republican short-bus over for a tour?

Comrade Misfit said...

NFO, and so will we. That imbecile was arrested three weeks ago. That the story of his arrest is only now receiving wide publicity says something.

w3ski said...

I read where some guy previously had gotten busted in NK for distributing "propaganda", in this case a Christian Bible in a public place. I think the story was he left it in a bathroom to 'convert' someone.
Faith is one thing, I'd call that "putting your head in the Lion's mouth".

Nangleator said...

One thing's certain. I'll bet he lost some weight in those three weeks.