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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Only Smart NFL City is Los Angeles

Cleveland built those fuckers a new stadium right on the shores of Lake Erie. Minneapolis is building them a billion-dollar palace. St. Louis offered to build one (but stipulated that the NFL and the owner would have to cough up some dough). I'll bet that if you go down the list of teams, almost all have publicly-financed stadiums.

Except Los Angeles. Three teams wanted to move there and those savvy Angelenos offered them: Nothing, other than maybe zoning changes. They offered them not a dime of public money.
Every place else you've gone, the grateful locals have slipped you a few bucks to show up, but not here, not even close, which is probably why it took 21 years for you to return.

We didn't pry open civic pocketbooks or agree to any special taxes like some of those other smaller towns. We're sophisticated enough to understand that you're not a hospital or firehouse, that billionaires shouldn't need handouts to bankroll their pigskin parties.
That's the way it should be. Pro sports teams are, in the main, the playthings of billionaires. Public money shouldn't be used to subsidize their toys.

LA got it right. Bravo!

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