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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dear NY Times: Welcome to the Party, Pal, Part the 1,563rd

The NY Times is raising red flags about The Wounded Warrior Project, for both being a Legion of Kool-Aid Drinkers and for spending lavishly on their internal operations.

Not that this is news.

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BadTux said...

Yep, WWP info has been going around on my Facebook feed for the past week or so, and this NYT article was the icing on the cake of what we'd already figured out from looking at their financial statements. Yes, they're a transparent organization in that they post all their financials on their web site, you don't have to go digging for them. But what you find when you dig into those financials is an organization that does a lot of featherbedding for themselves and "consultants", and not a whole lot for actual veterans. And as you say, what little they do give to actual veterans is done through other organizations.

My donations go to my local food bank. At least I can walk in there on their food distribution days and see where the money is going.