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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stupid Police Chiefs; StL Edition

This, from Chief Dotson of St. Louis, at the Conference of Mayors:
Dotson said some of St. Louis’ challenges — it had 188 murders last year, 179 committed with firearms — came from an urban-rural split in the state. He said municipalities should have more power to enforce their own gun laws.

“We have a state that has incredibly liberal gun laws,” he told a ballroom full of mayors, their staff and corporate sponsors of the three-day conference. “They are controlled by people that don’t live in the urban centers. They (pass) legislation to get re-elected. … We are left with the proliferation of guns.”
Well, no fucking shit that legislators pass laws that they think their constituents will like and will reward them by re-electing them.

[Deep breath] That's how the system is supposed to work, you blithering idiot! You don't get why most of them are called "state representatives"? What part of "representative" is not clear to you?

Dotson shows why the term "police state" is not a positive one. Because at their core, the leaders of large police departments fall in somewhere between statists and fascists.

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