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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Inconsequential Political News; GOP Ed.

South Carolina senator and former presidential candidate Lindsey Graham endorsed Jeb Bush for the Republican nomination on Friday, saying the former Florida governor would make the best commander in chief in a time of war against terrorism.
Graham said that John Ellis Bush has "the ability to bring the world on board", but so far, Bush hasn't managed to bring many voters on board.

Politico calls the Graham endorsement "a major get" for Bush. That's a little puzzling, since Graham's supporters, outside of his home state, probably could have all been comfortably seated in a single city bus. Graham's poll numbers were consistently within the margin of error of zero support.

Conclusion: Graham's endorsing Bush fails to pass the "So What Test".

1 comment:

Nahum B said...

Eh. A few months ago I watched Graham announce, live on CNN, that he had no serious intention of running for anything as a Republican ever again.

Well, actually what he said was that climate change is happening and human activity contributes to it. But that still amounts to self-exile from the GOP.