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Friday, January 29, 2016

Lightly Modding a BHP

It now has a slightly-extended safety lever from Cylinder & Slide:

You can see the difference from the one that was on the gun by comparing it to this photo:

What was on the gun from the factory was an extended ambidextrous safety. Someone installed an older nubbin-sized safety. Which I felt was too small to be reliably actuated, hence the replacement.

Down the road might be better sights. The trigger is heavy, but it's not gritty. Being heavy doesn't bother me too much on a carry gun. If this gun was to be a range toy or a race gun, then that'd be something to address.


Murphy's Law said...

Looks good. I put the C&S ambi safety on any Hi-Power I get. But I'm left-handed.

Old NFO said...

Thanks for the reminder. I need to order one from Billy. :-)

Samuel Gonzalez said...

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Comrade Misfit said...

OK, Sam, yer on. I added your blog.

(Surprised you'd ask, we're pretty far apart politically, but it's good not to have all echo-chambers.)

Samuel Gonzalez said...

Comrade Misfit

Thank you so much you're on The Last Tradition Blog roll too :)

Anonymous said...

BHP triggers tend to be heavy and gritty in factory trim. Deactivate and remove the magazine safety. That usually helps it quite a bit. The magazine safety was a government contract requirement and was not part of John Browning's original design.

Tod Germanica said...

My Hungarian FEG 9hp clone has the nubbin safety too and it's hard to apply as well, easier to click off though. The mag safety is probably a good idea on this improved 9mm model 1911A1.