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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dumb-Ass Pax (and the TSA Still Sucks)

On a recent trip, this is what the induhvidual in front of me in the cattle chute was wearing for footwear:

That may be great for getting past the TSA's Probing Station, but in the event of an emergency, those flip-flops are only marginally more practical than 4" heels. That's especially true if the idea is to move fast and get the frak out of and away from an airplane in an emergency.

Speaking of the TSA, nobody, at either end, was going through TSA PRE. The TSA staffies at the PRE station were standing around, being about as useless as the rest of their ilk. Unless you travel a lot, I can't see it worth the money to pay for Global Entry or TSA PRE. Plus, the idea that one would have fill out some goddamned security questionnaire and then travel to a DHS office (which is likely less friendly than a DMV office) and get fingerprinted is a bit of a turnoff.

The TSA's scanners are also set to "Annoy Mode". I think they just indicate random parts of the body so people think the scanners actually do something.

Security Theater at its finest.


John said...

My wife and I fly about 3-6 roundtrips/year. The $160 for the application (which is only slightly more intrusive than that for my ASEL, FWIW) was less than 1 RT ticket LAX/PDX which our usual run. So now I can get to LAX about 45 minutes later and still be early for the flight. The interview took about 90 seconds ("Is there anything that you didn't put on the application?") and the fingerprinting was as badly done as it usually is. All in all, a win for us.

I hated having to do it.

Unknown said...

I don't travel that much but pre-check is totally worth it and the meeting to get fingerprinted was about 15 min at PHL.