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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Vanilla ISIS Needs a New Supply Officer

They forgot the Doritos and Red Bull.

Seems to me that cutting the power and phones should have been done within minutes, if not hours. Kill all of the cell towers in range, block the roads so they can't be plowed, and let those fuckers freeze and starve whilst being ignored.

And then prosecute them once they come down from the place.

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w3ski said...

When I was in high school a group a college students took over a building at the local college and wouldn't come out.
Cops let them get settled in and then flooded the building with gas. Not 'tear gas' mind you, but something that left them in pools of their own vomit instead.
Then with rubber gloves on they cleared the now incapacitated students out.
I don't remember the name of that stuff but we certainly need some for Al Quacker here.
I know they could shoot and shit, but can they puke and shoot?