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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Love-a-Thon of the Reality Show Whores

Donald Trump's Republican presidential bid has received the backing of Sarah Palin, the populist ex-governor of Alaska who was the Republican vice-presidential candidate in 2008.
Or "Trade Guild Members' Mutual Protection Society". Which ever works for you. Both have (or had) their own "reality" television shows. Palin has/had a show where she showed that she knew about as much about the outdoors as your typical Manhattan socialite. Trump had a long-running show that basically showcased the fact that he's a dick.

Still, they got the description wrong of Palin's last semi-honest job: she was "the former half-term governor of Alaska".

More to the point, I don't see Bible Spice convincing too many people who were not already included to back The Donald. Though it might take some votes away from one of the other two whack-jobs running, namely, Ted Cruz.*

But gads, it must frost her that Trump is where he is, right now. He's basically doing the shtick that she pioneered eight years ago of just saying flat-out outrageous shit and bad-faced lies and, whenever anyone called her on it, she blamed "liberals in the lamestream media" for catching her distortions and fibs. He's doing her bit, only better and yes, smarter. And he may ride it all the way to a win at the convention, while the best Palin could manage was some appearances on Faux News and a reality show on a cable channel that nobody would ever pay to watch if a la carte pricing were in effect.
* The other whack-job is still waiting for marching orders.


Marc said...

The Grifter Gravy Train requires an appearance in popular media from time to time to keep the flow going...this is just her clocking in to collect on that paycheck.

Green Eagle said...

My take on this, if I may: I'm guessing that Palin's endorsement would mean about a five point switch in the polls- three points plus for the endorsee, and two points down for the other guy. That doesn't seem to amount to much, but here is what it does: I saw a poll recently showing Trump leading Cruz by about 34% to 27%. With Palin's endorsement, that becomes about 37% to 25%- a sizable lead. If Palin endorses Cruz, that becomes 32% to 30%- an almost statistical tie, with Cruz showing momentum.

Watch Trump during Palin's endorsement speech and you can see that he knows what an idiot she is. He could care less about her endorsement, but he knows the math, and knows what it could do if she endorsed Cruz. That is all this is about.

LiberalAtheistMaleBlogger said...

Suppose a conversation like this went down.

Donald: Sarah, I'll pay you $100,000 to endorse me on TV.
Sarah: Make it $200,000 and you have a deal.
Donald: $150,000 is my final offer.
Sarah: Agreed.

Would any laws have been broken?