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Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Crime-Fighting Tool That is Facebook

It works when "stable geniuses" do geniusiy things and then post about it:
BRANSON, Mo. (AP) — Prosecutors say two southwest Missouri men pleaded guilty to animal abuse after dragging a cat behind a vehicle and then posting the act on Facebook. ... Prosecutors say [Asswipe #1] posted the cat’s death on Facebook in an effort to get his audience to buy him pizza.
Should be fun for them in prison when their answer to the "whadja do" question is "beat a kitten to death".


B said...

I sincerely hope when they are out of prison their assholes are so loose they don't make noise when they fart.

Comrade Misfit said...

You are a kinder, gentler and more forgiving person than I am, B.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., I would sincerely hope that prison rape stops. There’s no reason to want it to continue unless you are simply about torturing people. As for the asswipe(s), there really is no punishment right for a twisted person like that, so a good long term in a prison facility that attempts to understand and correct his defect would be best for society. The simple fact is he will get out again, and I’d rather have his mental issues addressed before then rather than him turned into a sociopathic killer with loose bowels.

I will never understand those that cheer for prison rape and inhuman and conditions in jails, too often it just breeds worse people getting released.

B said...


You really need to let go of all those things that make you get app pissy. All those "hot buttons" must be uncomfortable.

While I don't condone prison rape, it does happen. And one thing that I do know that so many folks fail to remember is that prison isn't about rehabilitation, it is about punishment. It ain't supposed to be pretty, nor nice, nor fun. It is supposed to be such that you won't want to go back, so you won't do crime. All you whiney liberals have messed that part up.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., so prison rape is a risk that any lawbreaker should take? You wanna risk being raped because you got pissy with an officer who stopped you for speeding? No one deserves this threat, period. That’s not a hot button, that’s a statement of fact.

I never suggested prison should be comfortable or nice, but that we SHOULD be trying to rehabilitate when possible. Most prisoners end up released back into society, so what the fuck would we want them to be more hardened, more angry and more frustrated with the society they are having to rejoin. It’s the same with making it hard for convicts to get jobs, in many cases there is little reason not to hire a convict, but people recoil at the thought.

If all you want to do is punish those in jail, then quit being surprised that an asswipe who tortured an animal before did it again...that a rapist rapes again...that a thief steals again. The only “solution” in your world seems to be throwing away the key for almost any crime, that’s sick. I’m not looking to send these criminals to a country club, but cutting staffing to the bone to increase profit or reduce public costs is penny wise and pound foolish.

Let’s quit jailing for non-violent minor offenses, let’s staff up the prisons to secure them properly and let’s make prison about punishment AND rehabilitation!

B said...

Having hired a LOT of convicts earlier in my career, I gotta tell you that there IS a good reason to not hire *any*.
Invariably, they either reoffend the same crime, wasting the training invested in them, or they simply cannot learn that there are consequences to their actions and do something else stupid.

Many don't think jail or prison is a bad thing.

Methinks you haven't met many ex cons.

And no, I don't condone prison rape, or any rape for that matter.

I WOULD like to see a lot more non-prison sentences for non violent offenders. But face it, most folks that are in the system are in the system 'cause they either can't, or won't follow the laws our society has in place. Generally not even when given several chances.....

Dark Avenger said...

Looks like you don’t have much of a leaning curve, B, by your own admission.

B said...

True, I used to believe in people. Then I met and hired a bunch of convicts and learned that criminals are criminals. Few actually rehabilitate.

Iron City said...

So then what B? The immediate question is if they can't or won't follow society's rules what do we (society) do? Just keep sending them back to the same kind of incarceration they already did? Seems a waste of time and energy.

A little thought (is it "won't" or can't") and what remedies do we have available? And applying those may actually be helpful. And likely don't cost significantly more than the traditional way we always do it that produces such abysmal results.

I'm probably the wrong person to talk to about this because an immediate family member has done years in jail on and off for one unauthorized use of a motor vehicle (felony) conviction and associated failures to be properly obsequious to the probation system. This is a person who has been under psychiatric "care" since the age of 7. You don't have to tell me how the current "system" fails society.

dinthebeast said...

At Tumbleweed, a warehouse I managed between 2001 and 2006, we hired drivers (our entry level position) from a halfway house and had pretty good results. Out of five of them, we ended up having to fire one, who relapsed into heroin addiction (with the accompanying misbehavior) but the rest of them were OK. Nothing special, but for the money we were paying, they were a good deal. Even the one we had to fire made us money before he flamed out.
All in all, they were way less of a problem, and more lucrative for the business, than the driver I had to fire after 9-11 who went off on a Lebanese customer during a delivery.
I have several good friends who have done prison time, for various drug prohibition offenses, and while a few of them aren't as trustworthy as I would like, not a one of them is any better of a human being or a citizen because of their incarceration.
So it seems to me that it boils down to a question of whether we want to punish people for its own sake, or actually try to make things better.
We tried mandatory long prison sentences as a crime fighting strategy, and all it did was leave us with a bunch of bitter ex-convicts with no prospects for productive lives and big chunks of their development missing, and a private prisons industry with financial incentives for nothing but more incarceration. And two million people incarcerated, who are disproportionately people of color.
As for the animal torturing asswipes, I don't think prison will change them much, one way or the other. They may get their asses kicked a few times, but all in all, I doubt that will do much, except maybe teach them to be more careful next time.
I wish there were a more satisfying answer, but there just isn't, and I've kind of had all of the policy-based-on-the-denial-of-reality I ever want, and more, already.
I do know some bikers who would make them regret it for a while, though...

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

" not a one of them is any better of a human being or a citizen because of their incarceration.
So it seems to me that it boils down to a question of whether we want to punish people for its own sake, or actually try to make things better."

I agree 100%. But keeping people out of society protects, at least for a while, society.

I think, until you make prison so terrible that no one ever wants to in (or go back), you will have folks who won't care if they are incarcerated.

(and I'm not saying all crimes need to lead to prison, mind you). Some do, and they should be long sentences. Others not so much. But what does one do with someone who just can't stop stealing, even if it isn't a violent crime? How do you protect society from him or her? Say a scam artist who preys on the elderly? Putting them in prison helps for a while, but once they are out, they have fewer prospects than before....Often they do crimes because it is easier than working. Likely, they won't stop once released, but will go back to their old ways and habits. Some will stop, most won't. It is a culture. A thought process, if you will.

If there were a way to separate out those who will become citizens and those who will continue to prey on others, I'd be all for it.

The old system of long incarceration didn't work all that well, but it was a deterrent, the system we have now works less well.

So what is the solution?

dinthebeast said...

Education and opportunity work pretty well for not creating new additions to the chronically incarcerated recidivist population. What to do about the ones we already have depends a lot on how willing we are to invest resources into the problem in effective ways (as opposed to politically expedient or satisfying ways).
We spent one hell of a lot of money on the "war on drugs" because politicians could easily sell it to constituencies they had already been fear mongering to in order to get elected.
Whether there exists the political will, or skill, to fund the sort of research that could answer your question is a mystery, and until such research is funded, we most likely won't know what will work.
That doesn't mean they'll stop trying, though. That shit wins elections.

-Doug in Oakland