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Monday, January 29, 2018

Pro Tip for Criminals

By now, one would think that most people would be aware that having your cellphone turned on and with you is a bad idea when you're committing serious felonies.
UPS employees in Springfield, Mo., discovered on Oct. 29 that a number of Beretta firearms had been stolen from trucks on their lot.
Authorities also used cellphone-tower records to link five North Texas men to the theft.
I'm guessing that those five guys were the mooks who were hired to do the theft. One or more will roll on whoever supplied the information.


B said...

I have always wondered why there isn't more use of cell phone location data (or just tower data) to find groups of people committing crimes.

Perhaps in this instance the cops were simply motivated to bother to try?

Comrade Misfit said...

UPS is probably a big wheel in the local scene there, which would motivate the local cops. And ATF might also be more motivated to deal with largish-scale gun thefts.

UPS has a bit of a problem. When Precision Delta was offering a deal on .38 target ammo last year, the shipment to at least one of the denizens at the Pistol Forum was stolen out of the UPS Memphis hub.

Nangleator said...

Precursor to a time when employers will track employee locations real-time. Don't tell me that can't happen here.

dinthebeast said...

My friend Rob told me that he keeps having gun parts stolen in delivery. The biggest one was a shotgun barrel, but he said there have been a few, and he hasn't always got his money back, either.

-Doug in Oakland

FrankC said...

Why were high value goods left unattended in the truck and not moved to a more secure location e.g. inside the warehouse?

B said...

Yeah, But in Chicago a few years ago , they lost like 200 rifles from a train siding, and no one really bothered.

Of course, that was a few years ago, and things have changed....