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Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Little More on the Kitten-Torturers of Branson

(First post is here.)

Missouri has their court records online in a system called CaseNet. Lawyers can see the actual documents, but everyone else can see the docket sheets and charges.

Both Asswipes were charged with this:
Animal Abuse - 2nd/Subsequent Offense Or By Torture And/Or Mutilation While Animal Was Alive {Felony E RSMo: 578.012}
In short, this wasn't their first rodeo at being caught torturing animals.

But wait, there's more!

Asswipe #1 either showed up with or had a weapon in the jail, because he's also been changed with this:
Delivery Or Possession Of Weapon At County/Private Jail/Corr Cntr {Felony B RSMo: 221.111}
That these clowns are on their second conviction of animal abuse suggests to a casual observer that they are both a couple of pretty sick fucks. There apparently are no shortage of studies which indicate that adolescents who abuse, torture and kill animals are at high risk of developing into murderers.


Bradley Pierson said...

The title of the offense suggests it could be their second rodeo OR torture. The text of the statute confirms it. "Animal abuse is a class A misdemeanor, unless the defendant has previously plead guilty to or has been found guilty of animal abuse or the suffering involved in subdivision (2) of subsection 1 of this section is the result of torture or mutilation, or both, consciously inflicted while the animal was alive, in which case it is a class D felony."

Also, a charge is just a charge. Without enough specifics to formulate an opinion of one's own, a charge isn't something that should cause one to infer guilty.

Comrade Misfit said...

They both pled guilty to the animal abuse charge. Asswipe #1 also pled guilty to "armed criminal action". So those aren't allegations, anymore.

The second weapons charge is still an allegation.

Anonymous said...

These are just the offenses they been caught and arrested for. No doubt they are already murderers.