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Monday, January 29, 2018

Shorter United Airlines: "We're Sorry That We Kicked You Off the Airplane so You Couldn't See Your Mother Before She Died. But We'll Send Flowers to Her Wake."

It just boggles the mind. At least they didn't have the cops drag her physically from the airplane.

This country essentially has an airline oligarchy. There is not a lot of choice anymore.

Meanwhile, the Trump Administration is going to le the airlines go back to their past practice of deceptive advertising (for example, fare say "$99 and are $500 once all of the additional costs are tallied up).

And airlines want to ban photography on airplanes. Taking videos of flight attendants abusing passengers or gate agent and cops dragging people off airplanes would be considered to be "interfering with a flight crew member", which is a Federal felony.

The major legacy airlines, now, are cesspits of customer disservice, if not outright evil. If you can get there in a day by driving, you're better off doing that. (Or fly Southwest, for so far, they seem to still be in the "serve the customer" mode.)


The New York Crank said...

They're almost all bad, but United seems to stand out among the worst of the worst. Why is it, every time an airline screws a passenger so royally that it makes the evening news, it's United? I had one bad experience with United — they decided to cancel a flight, gave me a "tough luck" sort of response, refused to pay any competition, and left me stranded in Dayton, Ohio for 26 hours.

And now collecting evidence (i.e. taking pictures or videos of an event) will be considered a crime? Sheesh! Under any other administration, the airlines would have their flight franchises lifted.

Yours very, very, VERY crankily,
The New York Crank

3383 said...

Passively taking photos/ videos are interfering with the flight crew?
Put me on that jury.

Iron City said...

It hasn't been that long since the cabin crew became legally the crew of an aircraft. A blackout of recording in the passenger cabin isn't in the statute, so as much as the airlines may want it to be so it isn't. And the Congress would never let the rights of the public be trampled like that. Right?