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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Go Away, Kid, Yer Botherin' Me

Points of Impact has just been released.


Deadstick said...

Eewww, I call shenanigans on page 37: "It would have made more sense to put the Fleet bases in the Rockies and ten thousand feet closer to orbit..."

Yellow card.

Comrade Misfit said...

Since Mexico is part of the NAC, it would have made more sense to site a base on the Yucatan Peninsula to pick up rotational velocity. I'm guessing that the transports are far more reliable in the next century, making it less likely that one will fall onto a city. Only dictatorships now launch rockets over their own populated areas (like the NORKs sometimes do).

There are some continuity issues in the book, which is a hard thing for an author to deal with.

But the book does a good job of getting into Andrew Grayson's head and letting us see that engaging in nearly continual combat has taken a real toll on him. And other than a couple of mentions, there's nothing much about his tour with the Lazarus Brigades. The mentions are enough that there could be a couple of books in that subject, alone.

Deadstick said...

Yeah, Kloos's work is pretty good. He just hit one of my hot buttons with that "launch from the mountains" business, because I have a painful memory of trying to explain to a bird colonel why it's a bad idea...;-)