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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Nearly Sixty Years Ago, the Bastards Knew

Edward Teller. known as the father of the hydrogen bomb (and part of the inspiration for the character of Dr. Strangelove), warned a meeting of oil company executives in 1959 of the danger posed to the world by the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

The bastards spent the next 58 years denying it.

Fuckers are as evil as the tobacco company executives who were lying about their little issue. Probably far more evil, as the risks of tobacco have been somewhat avoidable. Not so much with global warming.

1 comment:

Nangleator said...

If it helps, when the Great Human Die-Off begins, such people will have the greatest time watching the rest of us die, while they relax in incredible luxury. They will depopulate the planet, live like kings in the ruins, and blame us for our foolishness in destroying civilization.

And such people will repopulate the planet with their own kind.