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Friday, January 12, 2018

Shorter Trump: "It's Obama's Fault that Bush Moved the Embassy."

Donald Trump has cancelled a visit to Britain next month to open the new US embassy in London, amid fears of mass protests.

The president claimed on Twitter that the reason for calling off the trip was his displeasure at Barack Obama having sold the current embassy for “peanuts” and built a replacement for $1bn (£750m). “Bad deal,” he wrote.

But the embassy’s plan to move from Mayfair to Nine Elms in London was first reported in October 2008, when George W Bush was still president.
Even a casual observer knows the reason that Caudillo Trumpo isn't going to London: He doesn't go anywhere where he's going to be greeted by protesters. He goes places where he believes that there will be adoring crowds. For example, he apparently has only gone back to his home in El Trumpo Tower once since he began defiling the Oval Office.

And Trump isn't going to visit a shithole country.

Trump claims that the embasy building sold for "peanuts"-- right. Possibly 681 million or so. The Brits apparently put the building on a list of historically significant structures, which, as it does here, makes it harder to do much with it. If the peanuts claim was true, then let him disclose the sales contract. Which he won't ever do.


CenterPuke88 said...

Don’t forget that the U.S. didn’t even own the land the Embassy was built on. They simply had a lease, and the story why is quite amusing.

Deadstick said...

...and he ranted about how we're trading a great location for a bad one. Diplomacy is apparently about real estate to him.

Comrade Misfit said...

Trump now denies saying the word "shithole"... after his staff were privately telling reporters that they thought it would play well to his base.

Thing is, I'm reasonably certain that he now believes that he didn't say it. And I guess that's not a lie on his part, because he believes it. Too bad for him that there were no shortage of witnesses.

J4rh34d said...

I don't think the Grosvenor family has sold any of their properties in centuries; they just lease it. The current Duke of Westminster owns over 300 acres in Mayfair and Belgravia, and is worth more than $13,000,000,000, quite aa few pennies more than that parvenu Trump.Sad.

CenterPuke88 said...

The new location is actually “better” in a number of objective ways, in addition to the security improvements. On the other hand, it’s a terrible looking building, IMHO.

B said...

Yes, it is a terrible looking building. While I don't know the full reasons for the change, I wonder why the US couldn't find an architect with some taste.

And it is interesting how now the media is using the word "allegedly" when referring to the "Shithole" comments. Which, if you've ever been to the ones he was referring to (I have, to some), are indeed shitholes.

It isn't like they are vacation spots for the world's rich and famous, are they?

Dark Avenger said...

Allegedly refers to whether or not the President used that word, not whether he did use it(which Sen. Durbin, who attented the meeting, confirmed) and that it was a correct assessment. I guess being a world traveler doesn’t help when parsing simple English usage.