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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Good Going, GOP; FBI Ed.

Politico is reporting that one GOP senator is claiming that there is a secret society within the FBI.

Without some really hard evidence to back up that claim, I suspect that Sen. Johnson is off his meds.

I have had very little truck with the Federales (other than the TSA), and I hope to keep it that way. But my suspicion is that the FBI is very much populated with law-and-order/authoritarian conservatives, more than likely to support Republicans. "Liberal FBI agent" is probably a contradiction in terms.

The FBI, though, does not have a problem with having a long-term memory. To the extent that the FBI and its agents have ever been inclined to cut conservatives and Republicans a break, these attacks will put an end to those days. In the priority of self-identity, being an FBI agent is probably well above party identification.

So keep it up, guys. Keep hard at work, pissing off the very people who will investigate you if there is ever any allegation of corruption or malfeasance.

Go ahead, make their day.


Meanwhile, Trump seems to be determined to piss off the Brits. He keeps this up, the "special relationship" will sink to about where it was two centuries ago.


B said...

And yet, it was (or appears to be, anyway) the FBI that was working very hard to keep Trump out of office, and push Hillary in despite her lawbreaking. It was higher management that aided and abetted the actions and, in some cases ordered the whitewash.

And yet, despite all the misdeeds of the FBI, I don't see those "law-and-order/authoritarian conservative" agents resigning.

They are just working towards a pension. Following orders. No doubt great and wonderful individuals individually, but as cops, they are just a herd.....Following orders.

Read my post today entitled (oddly enough) "Deep State".

dinthebeast said...

Let's just hope that the Brits have the longer memories of countries that have been around a while and are doing what the rest of the sane people everywhere are doing about the Trump presidency: waiting impatiently for it to be over so the damage repair can begin.
And as I remember it, the Feebies (or the New York ones, anyway) were flipping the fuck out at the idea of a Clinton presidency, so I don't buy it that the whole bureau was anti Trump.

-Doug in Oakland

Comrade Misfit said...

B, I read it. The ravings about the JFK assassination and the Reagan attempt are just that, and they seem to be typical of what the "deep state" proponents say.

So when somebody starts talking about the "deep state", I regard them as being somewhat unhinged.

Paul said...

They keep Liberal FBI agents in a special compound somewhere in Montana, to be released as needed to go undercover to various liberal hotbeds like bookstores and coffee riots.

Also, Mulder and Scully in the basement. I think Mulder may be an apolitical moderate, but Scully's an ex-Catholic Buddhist, so likely liberal.

The New York Crank said...

"Liberal FBI agent" is an oxymoron subscribed to by regular morons.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

Borepatch said...

There's a huge difference between civil service employees and Senior Executive Service (SES). I can believe that, like B says, the civil service folks are working towards a pension. But the SES types are at the top, and are political appointees.

You have to trust political appointees a lot to go with the "the dog ate our text messages. Maybe this is innocent, but we heard the same thing from Hillary's folks about the email server ("Chelsea's wedding", etc).

Washington D.C. specializes in BS. Me, I'd like a higher caliber of BS, please.

B said...

Yeah, He was raving. Having said that, I can't see where anything he stated was incorrect.

As a shooter, do you REALLY think Oswald was the only shooter? I'm pretty good, and I have actually done the scenario, and no, I can't do that series of shots. Nor can the folks I think are pretty badass.

How about the rest though? All that stuff at the top of the post.....Explain that if not someone trying to help Hillary?

Comrade Misfit said...

That was back in the day when M1903 shooters ruled. I suspect that there were not a few guys who could get of two more shots in a handful of seconds against a target that wasn't that far away, especially with a scope.

But hell, there was a guy who flew through the Arc de Triomphe.

Doesn't matter what I think. There's been no hard evidence, just a bunch of guys saying for the last 55 years "oh, c'mon."

B said...

And it is in the far past, so it is done.

However, there IS evidence of the conspiracy against Trump/For Hillary with FBI and State. Yet they too are getting away with it. Because we are letting them.

Remember, next time it might be your guy getting the shaft.

Robert said...

What was the giveaway, B? Was it that the FBI swept the Russia hacking under the rug, and made believe there was something new in Huma Abedin's emails which showed Hillary was corrupt, within days of the election?
Also, are you disappointed that 8 official GOP-led investigations (and dozens more unofficial) showed Hillary may have been sloppy with her emails?
Finally, what, in the name of Colin Powell, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner's private email servers, makes you think Hillary was corrupt?

Dark Avenger said...

B reminds me of the Red Queen, sentence first, then verdict afterwards.

Comrade Misfit said...

What is somewhat amusing is watching the Right torque itself into absurdities to claim a Clinton conspiracy that goes all the way back to the JFK assassination, but when shown the Trump-Putin connections, all they scream is "nothingburger".

Dave64 said...

When I need a laugh, this is where I go. Keep up the good work.

B said...

Except there isn't any connection that anyone can show, is there? But we have FBI actions we *CAN* point to against Trump.
I'm still waiting for that proof against Trump and Putin. Something more than innuendo by a Democrat. Pretty much like the "Russian Collusion" that we've spent How many millions of taxpayers dollars not finding?

And let's not forget the FBI's choice to NOT charge Hillary...even though they admitted she did break the law. She just didn't do it with "intent"...."Intent" isn't a part of the law. Others have gotten prison time for less.

CenterPuke88 said...

"we have FBI actions we *CAN* point to against Trump" - B.

Really? No, you have out of context quotes that have been woven together to form a mesh of lies that the right is placing over their heads while covering their ears and intoning "I can't hear you, I can't hear you". Perhaps, if you would follow your own advise, and "read for comprehension", you would finally see that they are lying to you and to the American people to try to discredit ANYONE who dares say the Emperor has no clothes.

Meanwhile, buckle up, the ride is gonna get interesting when Donnie and his lawyers chat after Davos.

B said...
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BadTux said...

So apparently the damning evidence of some sort of "secret society" conspiracy is that.... the investigators met in secret.

The investigators met in secret.

Which, uhm, is what *all* investigators do. They don't go out there and boast "We have all this evidence against person X!". No. They keep it close to their vest until they have enough evidence to get an indictment. Because they don't want to alert the criminal, the criminal could destroy evidence or flee the country if they did that.

But apparently now standard investigative procedure is evidence of a "secret society" conspiracy yada yada. But of course that's what all criminals say, that they didn't commit a crime, it was a conspiracy against them! ROFL.

As for the idiot above who claimed the FBI wanted Hillary as President, the FBI basically elected Trump when FBI director James Comey announced that he'd reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails in the final days of the campaign. According to all the polls, Hillary was winning until the FBI did that. If the FBI wanted Hillary as President, they sure chose a piss-poor way of demonstrating that.... and of course, as his reward for getting Trump elected, Comey got fired. LOL. Tells you what kind of loyalty Trump has to those who do good for him -- none at all.

Which the rats underneath him surely are beginning to understand by now.

Comrade Misfit said...

"Loyalty" in Trump's world, hell, in Corporate America, is a one-way street.

Mike R said...

"Loyalty" in Trump's world, hell, in Corporate America, is a one-way street. Ain't that the truth.