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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Brown Shirt News

Trump is bringing his private team of brutal goons to guard him in his new digs.


Nangleator said...

He probably thinks he can't just order the SS to beat up and/or murder protesters and other people he just doesn't like.

Sarah said...

Nangleator, the unfortunate abbreviation "SS" for Secret Service was completely misunderstood by me for a second. I thought you meant "Schutzstaffel" which is probably even more appropriate for Mr Trump's staff police.

montag said...

I hope the Secret Service will not hesitate to draw on the private goons if one decides to "Go Aleppo" on Trump. Not that I want to save the tangerine shitgibbon but the Sec Serv has a rep to maintain.

B said...

Surprisingly balanced...For Politco.

I doubt that he is the only politician to exclude protestors. And after one is asked to leave, then one is removed by force, generally....THe Rallies are, after all, private events.