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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Patriots' Day

Because today is about what happened 239 years ago, not about last year and not about the Brothers Kablamazov.

But even as I write this post, a week before Patriots' Day, the wailing and gnashing of bombing remembrances is going on damn near nonstop on cable news (when they can break away from covering missing Malaysia Air flight 370).

Fuck that noise. We should be writing about the brave militamen who resisted the Lobsterbacks and remembering their dedication and sacrifice for the cause of freedom. We should not be writing about two young assholes from Chechnya. Fuck those guys.


Murphy's Law said...

Agree 100%, but the thought of legitimate citizen resistance to tyranny is no longer pc lest it might give people ideas today. But then this country doesn't even seem to want to remember Pearl Harbor any more, so maybe it's just a case of collective short memory, few of us notwithstanding.

Old NFO said...

We went and fired rounds at noon... from an 1871 50/70!!!