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Monday, December 12, 2011

Har! (Rick Perry Edition)

(The original, which has probably set records for "dislikes")



D. said...


montag said...

Probably also setting a record for the most spinoff responses in the shortest time.

BadTux said...

Heh. Like I've previously said, if you're going to make an anti-gay video, don't wear Heath Ledger's jacket from Brokeback Mountain. You're sorta askin' for it at that point :).

- Badtux the Amused Penguin

Joe said...

Do you suppose Perry's wardrobe choice could have been sabotage? It's unlikely he's seen the movie. And though I don't have facts to back it up, I suspect anti-gay sentiment is not popular in the video-production industry.

BadTux said...

Eh, Joe, if there's sabotage involved it's self-sabotage, because my understanding is that it's Perry's own jacket, not one that was chosen for him. Add to that the persistent rumors around Austin that Perry is gay (I mean, c'mon, how many NON-gay men have hair as perfect as Perry's?), and you get the sense of closets. DEEP closets. The kind of closets that refuse to admit they're closets. Just sayin' ;).

- Badtux the Closets Penguin